About the Artist

Trisha has always been interested in art since childhood, winning a citywide contest in high school in Austin, Texas.  She graduated from the University of Texas in Austin with a BS in interior design, which required some drawing and painting classes. 


As a young adult she “dabbled” in watercolors, but after starting a family she took a break. After having an art showing for a friend in 1985, she was inspired to begin painting in oils and took several classes at the community college in Waco, Texas, as well as some private classes. 


At this stage, she was painting frequently but took another long break to welcome another child to the family.  She has always loved nature and has spent much time hiking in the mountains of Utah and Colorado, as well as hours gardening and cooking.  These hobbies have served as an inspiration in many of her paintings. 


Currently, her works include expressionistic and impressionistic still life and coldwax /oil technique which is well suited for abstract works,  for which she has always had a great appreciation.  She has a love of bright colors and this can be seen in many of her works.